SAG_Twitter_StreamingAnalytics_Standout_1 (1).jpgWe are pleased to announce that Software AG once again stands out as a leader in streaming analytics.

In a recent independent report — “The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2017”— Forrester cited us as a leader for our Apama Streaming Analytics Platform. The report is targeted towards application development and deployment professionals who are “looking to enhance or build applications that sense, think, and act in real time.”

The report, principally authored by Mike Gualtieri, noted: “There is no stopping Apama to become the real-time engine for digital transformation that extends all the way from the factory floor to direct customer interactions … Software AG customers include Bosch, Deutsche Post DHL Group, HSBC, and Octo Telematics.”

This transformation is critical and, in the age of the Internet of Things, streaming analytics capabilities take on an importance even greater than before. The IoT was made for streaming analytics. Without being able to take fast-moving data—and turn it into valuable, actionable insights that can be acted on automatically and intelligently the instant an event (or combination of events) takes place—IoT data is practically useless.

With streaming analytics, you can process and analyze data events in order to detect complex business events or patterns of behavior and then respond to them automatically, the moment they happen. Real-time insights can be derived from “data in motion” to give a competitive edge to agile organizations that want to act on them before they lose their value.

Software AG’s event-driven Apama Streaming Analytics enables you to exploit perishable insights immediately. You can make informed decisions quickly and at scale by integrating real-time analytics and decision making into your organization’s transaction-executing systems.

Software AG recently made several significant moves that it believes contributed to the company’s highest possible score in the strategy category, including:

  • The acquisition of Cumulocity along with the integration of Cumulocity’s IoT offering with Software AG’s Digital Business Platform into a broader offering called Cumulocity IoT, an Industrial IoT platform offering a choice of SaaS, PaaS, Edge and on premise deployment.
  • The acquisition and integration of Zementis, which provides software for “Deep Learning”, a key capability in machine learning and data science, and a fundamental technology driving “Artificial (AI) and Cognitive Intelligence” development. Machine learning as well as Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence are the key technologies for building smarter, next-generation IoT applications and are key competitive capabilities for building responsive organizations.
  • Continued development and innovations of MashZone Nextgen visual analytics, Terracotta In-Memory Data Management and enrichment for streaming content, and Universal Messaging that is sued for high-speed, reliable messaging across a broad range of protocols and APIs.
  • Software AG added to their Internet of Things offering with the formation of a new strategic alliance with DMG MORI, Dürr, ASM and Zeiss to establish ADAMOS as a global standard for machine tool and plant engineering equipment firms. The alliance plans to attract other Machine Tool and Mechanical & Plant Engineering Equipment vendors to join the Alliance globally.

According to the Forrester report, “Software AG’s Apama continues to be a broadly applicable and perennially capable streaming analytics platform. With its recent acquisition of Cumulocity, Apama deeply extends its reach deeper into industrial IoT (Internet of Things) use cases by providing device management, digital twin, and other connectivity-oriented services.”

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