SAG_Twitter_MEME_Farewell_KHS_Jul18It has been 15 years - 5500 days or 60 quarters - that’s a long time. But not if you work for a tech company. And especially not if you work for Software AG.

As companies grow exponentially in the digital world, you could say that time passes by at the same rate of speed. Last Thursday, at my official farewell party, I had the chance to remember all of the highlights and successes we have had here at Software AG.

Software AG always has been special - a success story for “Digital Germany.” Its founder, Dr. Peter Schnell, has laid the foundation for this success. In developing Adabas and Natural, he completely pioneered the database business. Many companies around the world are working with, and depend on, the technology that Dr. Schnell and his team developed back in 1969. Thanks to Dr. Schnell, we will be able to celebrate Software AG’s 50th birthday next year.

With the decision to focus on the integration business, we initiated a strategic realignment. This led to an ever-growing portfolio of digital solutions which are spearheading the digital transformation industry today. Not only have we laid the foundation to succeed in areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics or artificial intelligence, we have promoted the challenges and opportunities for businesses worldwide and have helped them build a better digital future. This includes many of the Fortune 500 companies.

As we enter more and more strategic partnerships with renowned industry giants, we are successfully continuing to make Software AG more relevant than ever. For me personally, I’m delighted that Software AG is one of the most esteemed software companies in the world. 

I’m leaving this company with mixed feelings. I’m wistful as I have to say goodbye to many colleagues and friends here at Software AG. But I also feel proud of what we have achieved. I’m convinced that my successor, Sanjay Brahmawar, will bring this company forward to grow and build long-term success.

Being the CEO of this truly unique company has been the honor of my professional lifetime. Software AG is and always has been my passion. To build a future for the second biggest software company in Germany and one of the global leaders in databases, middleware and IoT has been the driving force of my daily work. Because being the CEO of a tech company is not just a job, it is a passion and a mental and emotional occupation.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me on this fantastic journey!

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