SAG_Linkedn-Twitter-FB_MEME_Transforming-AN-App_1200x630_Oct18_V2This year’s Software AG Southeast USA user group meeting, specifically for Adabas and Natural customers, was held in Columbia, South Carolina.  After introductions all around, the meeting kicked off with an update on the A&N2050+ agenda as well as an overview of the new features and functionality included in the October product release.  

The day’s discussion focused on several A&N innovation areas for 2018 including: Natural v9/NaturalONE, zIIP offloading, re-hosting data, streaming analytics and use of cloud/containers. As with our NYC User Group meeting last week, customers were very interested to hear about the upcoming Natural v9, which includes the Eclipse-based NaturalONE editor as a replacement for the green screen editor. 

To address this, Patrick Gould of Software AG gave a detailed presentation on “Getting Ready for Natural v9/ NaturalONE.”   Patrick told the customers about the many options for NaturalONE training, including YouTube videos and online and classroom training courses.  He also pointed out that GCS offers a free service to help customers assess their readiness for the move to Natural v9/NaturalONE. 

Becky Albin and Patrick then presented a discussion of Adabas and Natural for zIIP.   After a short overview of how zIIP works, Patrick Gould showed the customers zIIP statistics from State of Minnesota’s mainframe Adabas and Natural environment as well as stats from other customers to help demonstrate zIIP offload savings.   State of Minnesota saved $150,000 a month in reduced CPU with Natural Batch for zIIP™ and postponed a mainframe upgrade.

Josh Elkins, a 28 year-old mainframe software developer from  of the State of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) gave a presentation entitled “A Millennial’s perspective: Modernizing Middleware at Virginia DMV” which focused on challenges of cross-platform development,  using intuitive application design tools such as Software AG designer.  

Bob Jeffcott of Software AG presented “Rehosting – A How to Guide” discussing how to “lift and shift” A&N mainframe code over to LUW platforms.  Bob discussed rehosting and even containers as a way to separate individual department applications within an organization. The key point of Bob’s presentation is that the portable A&N technology makes the transition to a new platform quite easy

Next was a presentation by Eric Wood on “Dashboarding and Streaming Analytics”   showing how Software AG’s Apama and Mashzone NextGen can provide up-to-the-moment analytics for auditing and fraud detection.  Eric included a customer case study demo on machine–detection of fraudulent access to sensitive data.  DBP cross-sell is alive and kicking!

The last presentation of the day was by Harpal Gill and Curt Jensen of the CONNX Sales team, who gave a combination talk and demo on scenarios for moving data to Containers and the Cloud, from over 150 different data sources.   A demo and discussion of data integration with Docker containers ensued as part of the presentation.

The customers asked many questions throughout the presentations and, at the end of the day, indicated they were very pleased at both the technical and business-related advancements in Adabas and Natural.

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