SAG_Twitter_MEME_Keeping_Young_880x440_May18Did you ever dream of running away from home when you were a child? Most kids do. Maybe you were punished for something you didn’t do and you decided to hit the road - usually you didn’t get too far before your parents found you.

But what if an elderly patient had the same idea? Just going for a walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood could be dangerous for them. How would you find them?

Trackerando, a forward-thinking GPS tracking solution provider, has an idea; by placing sensors around a home and using wearable devices, the wellness and safety of elderly people can be remotely monitored through their movement, location, interactions and vital signs.

“Abnormal situations can trigger alarms for caregivers or family members. Equally, an elderly person can raise an alarm themselves by pushing a button on their device to call for immediate help,” said Bodo Erken, Trackerando’s chief executive officer.

Trackerando’s enhanced tracking services are used for a variety of applications, including fleet management, personal car locating, people tracking, elderly patient monitoring, and pet recovery. Trackerando relies on a high-quality, secure, and robust IoT solution - powered by Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform - that tracks vehicles, people and assets.

Ultimately, Trackerando enables its customers to recover misplaced cars, monitor their children’s location, find lost pets and, on the industrial side, optimize fleet management routes and improve resource allocation.

Trakerando’s IoT solution provides its customers with the ability to quickly set-up simple-to-use app with real-time monitoring and tracking functionality. Devices are auto-registered on the Cumulocity IoT platform and fully integrated within Trackerando’s online registration and payment systems.

The Cumulocity IoT-powered Trackerando tracking solution comprises many features including user-friendly graphical mapping tools with geo-fencing alerts, proximity-based rules and multi-modal alarms; seamless integration into payments systems for simple ordering and accounting; and, Apple iOS and Google Android mobile technology compatibility.

By extending these IoT capabilities, Cumulocity customers can take full advantage of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform for industry-leading integration, business process management, advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT has its own dedicated stand at the IoT World Forum in Santa Clara. Drop by and discover our current and future IoT initiatives.

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