SAG_Twitter_MEME_The_Final_Frontier_Mar18.jpgStar Date 25/2/2018: The outer reaches of Barcelona. Well, the airport anyway. Mobile World Congress (MWC) was an event with attitude – direction signs started before I left baggage collection!

Over thirty event-registration and badge-collection counters in my terminal alone. You could also register at train stations, major hotels, etc. Free public transport tickets too.

I was whisked along at almost warp speed (they warp slower in Spain) on the above-mentioned public transport system surrounded by event-badged people with accents from all over the world. My accommodation turned out to be a converted broom cupboard with no windows (oh the romance of international business travel) but it was Barcelona and that means one thing: Excellent tapas, good wine and cold beer (OK, that’s three things but who’s counting?).

Captain’s Log – Star Date 26/2/2108 to 28/2/2108 – Toing and Froing

Hi ho it’s off to work we go, me and it seems a million other people. On the metro/underground/u-Bahn/tube/subway there were many MWC event staff in many stations directing people to the right train and also making sure the locals got to work on time. Slick!

Easy entrance procedures (with passport control though), a buzz of excitement, an amble along a never-ending overhead walkway deposited me in the right hall. The coffee was very good and it was time for lift off!

And what a lift off it was! Few people realize how much hard work an event like this is for the people who talk to prospects, customers, analysts and journalists. Four days of giving the same demonstrations, answering the same questions - and all on the same two increasingly sore feet. This back-problem-revealing task was handled with consummate aplomb by an international team from – in alphabetical order: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, South Africa (living in Ireland), Ireland (living in Germany), Great Britain (living in the US), Spain, Saudi Arabia and Finland - Finnish, to finish – delivering the last pitch on Thursday afternoon with the same enthusiasm as on Monday morning. Take a bow boys, put your feet up, have a massage, you’ve earned it!

At the end, the week was a bit of a blur. Trying to make me homesick, the weather was rotten – in Spain the rain does not fall only on the plain. A very busy booth, a very satisfying stream of interested visitors and a great story to tell. Multiple light-bulb, penny-dropping or wow! moments as time and time again someone realized what innovation they can introduce to their organization with our software. You could see it in their eyes.

tapas.jpgKudos to Software AG’S global R&D team – you gave us one amazing story to tell – and in a thousand different ways. So back to frozen Eberstadt and, after four days of rain in Spain, the sun was coming out.

But roll on next year. I’ll miss those tapas.

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