SAG_Twitter_Master-the-Art_Jun17.jpgBy providing high-quality service when a customer calls with a complaint or dispute you will exponentially enhance the customer experience.

Handling customer complaints and disputes is something virtually every business must deal with on an ongoing basis. Maybe you shipped the wrong product model or color, or a sales representative promised a price over the phone for a service that was invoiced differently. It could be a dispute regarding a warranty or a service-level agreement. Whatever it is, if you do not deal with it quickly and effectively you could jeopardize your relationship with the customer.

The resolution of customer disputes should be as painless and smooth as possible and technology solutions can help with the challenges. Mapping the customer journey at each stage can help you to enhance their experience. The majority of businesses are reengineering customer servicing processes to better support digital technologies; this gives them a competitive edge in serving and retaining their customers.

From a customer’s perspective a complaint or dispute might look simple, but from your organization’s point of view it might involve a complex interaction of company communications, integrations, collaborations, and decisions. The support team might need to pull information from other company information systems, collaborate to determine the best course of action, assign tasks to others, create ad hoc processes, monitor response time, or even transfer the case to others while maintaining the full case history.

It is complicated, but necessary; changes in customer expectations and the competitive landscape, as well as regulatory demands, are driving companies to adopt systems to better manage complaints and disputes. By modernizing your applications and integrating customer data across the enterprise, you can provide the improved service.

You can also ensure that customer service agents have a better understanding of clientele, have access to a complete view of their history and can make better recommendations based on this information.

Your relationship with your customers is paramount. A dispute or complaint that is not dealt with satisfactorily can damage or break that relationship.  Software AG’s Dynamic Apps Platform is designed to help you address the challenges of managing customer complaints and disputes.

Complaints can be addressed more quickly because of faster collaboration with ad hoc processes and tasks, taking advantage of enterprise scalability to handle peak call volumes. Agents will also have a low-code way of visually configuring applications to customize the interface, reports, workflows, and dashboards to their individual needs.

With technology such as Software AG’s Dynamic Apps Platform, companies can make the customer journey a great one – even the complaints and disputes.


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