SAG_Twitter_HappyInternationalDay_880x440_Aug18Today is the International Day of Charity, declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 to recognize the important work performed by charity-related activities all over the world.

Individuals, charitable and volunteer organizations work tirelessly to help improve – or even save – lives. They contribute to local, national and global causes to help alleviate poverty, fight disease, protect the innocent and offer hope to the hopeless.

At Software AG, we salute those generous individuals and companies. We too strive to be one of those organizations giving back.

Social responsibility and civic engagement are deeply ingrained in Software AG’s identity. One of our founders, Dr. Peter Schnell, donated his shares in the company to create a charitable foundation, the Software AG Foundation. This Foundation is now one of the principle shareholders of Software AG, owning 31.6% of Software AG shares.

An investment in Software AG is an indirect investment in a well-established charity; around one-third of profits paid out as dividends are funneled into charitable projects. Our employees are proud of this.

On top of our Foundation, we are constantly running and launching new initiatives to help the less fortunate. Last year, we stared a German initiative JOIN, an internship program which enables companies and refugees to get together, helping refugees to integrate into the job market.

Our Move Your Feet Campaign, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, has chalked up a staggering  81.575 km in total, equivalent to 300,000 euros that were passed on to various charitable organizations. Participants from Germany to Kuala Lumpur run in oreder to help people. A bit of sport combined with a lot of passion can influence many people’s lives in need.

In Madrid, we run a few events including the “Kilo Operation,” where every year each employee donates at least one kilo of food for poor people. There is an annual blood donation campaign; “non-school days” where parents can bring their children to work and the company organizes activities for them. Plus we donate PCs/laptops regularly to charitable institutions.

In Hyderabad we work closely with an orphanage called “Mahima Ministries” where employees contribute both time and resources, and in Chennai we sponsor “Home of Hope,” an orphanage home and we are actively involved in the flood-relief operations in the year 2015.

Dubai has an office charity incentive to raise as much as possible for Dubai Cares. The UK supports DKMS and Blood cancer charities, as it has affected people in our office directly.

In our Sofia office we organize monthly charity events like lunches, volleyball, charity football matches and a frappe afternoon - the money is donated toin good causes such as purchasing critical medical equipment for children hospitals to save as many young lives as possible.

In the US, our Santa Clara office holds an office volunteer day, and has gone to Hidden Villa Farm to harvest food for a local food bank.

Many of our employees are also interested in making a difference in people’s lives by individually supporting charities that are close to their hearts.

September 5th was chosen in order to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Her selfless work with the poor and distressed should be remembered forever.

We will continue to do our part. What about you?

For more information about the Software AG Foundation, please click below.

Software AG Foundation

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