SAG_Twitter_MEME_Meet_us_in_Calgary_May18Canada is famous for a lot of things; its natural beauty, its friendly people and its wildlife. But did you know that Calgary, situated in the prairies and foothills of the Canadian Rockies, is famous for more than being the epicenter of the oil industry?

It is also known for holding one of the world’s largest energy events, the Global Petroleum Show.  Over 50,000 trade professionals attend GPS, with 1000+ exhibitors, and 100+ industry leading experts will share their knowledge across the event’s line-up of strategic business and technical conference sessions.

It is THE destination for oil and gas professionals and Software AG will be there, Booth 2229 on June 12-14 at Stampede Park in Calgary.

There we will demonstrate how you could monitor oil field locations and collect valuable insights right from the pump jack through the treater and ultimately the end handling of the gas, water and oil. It’s all about optimizing the asset and having the ability to predict the future requirements of the site.

Typically information like temperature, pressure, volume flow, chemical injection, fluid levels and pump operations (speed, electrical draw, vibration) can be collected easily, cost effectively and constantly now with IoT. It has always been important to be able to monitor the operations of a field site to determine when a component is going out of specification or “normal operations” so that an operator can either execute a command or schedule maintenance if imminent failure of a piece of equipment is predicted. The challenge has been the reliance of field personnel that can only be onsite for short periods of time with often days in between visits. Cumulocity IoT solves that problem by enabling continuous monitoring and prediction capabilities.

Also, by showing multiple sites, the demo provides visibility into operational norms across the entire asset base so the operator can determine good and poor operations.

GPS has grown exponentially to become the global meeting point for oil and gas professionals. Today, over $6 billion of business is concluded during the exhibition, placing GPS at the very heart of international business of the global energy sector.

Come to GPS and see what Software AG has to offer the oil and gas industry.

Meanwhile, take a look at our ebook on how the Internet of Things is set to revolutionize operational excellence in the oil and gas industries, with the help of SCADA. 

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