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Bernd Gross
By Bernd Gross - April 12, 2018

SAG_Twitter_MEME_Meet_Us_Internet_Apr18How can your organization get started in the $1.7 trillion (and growing) Internet of Things marketplace? By connecting!

Connecting your Things to a network, managing them and taking advantage of the data, is – of course - essential. But connecting with your peers, with vendors and with potential customers is also very important.

So, on May 14-17th in Santa Clara, California, Software AG will be taking part in one of the world’s largest IoT events. Internet of Things World brings you the best technologies, strategies and case studies for every vertical that IoT will impact. With a focus on monetizing and gaining value from the IoT, plus enabling industry-wide collaboration, Internet of Things World provides a unique opportunity to meet the full ecosystem.

At the event, I will be presenting twice. The first presentation will be Tuesday, 15 May 2018, from 9:30am - 9:50am. The talk, Effective IoT Implementation: Three Essential Considerations, is designed to give organizations a better idea of how to get started. 

What are the keys to quick & efficient IoT deployment? How do you find the right ecosystem partners? What selection criteria should you consider? With literally hundreds of choices to make, the right choice of strategy & partners is not easy. I will offer and discuss three essential considerations for effectively deploying IoT.

My second presentation, Get Started with IoT: The Three Guiding Principles, goes into more detail. Since getting started with IoT can seem like a monumental task, many projects struggle to get off the ground. Both IT and business struggle with the far-reaching implications of the IoT on their organization. Here, on May 16 at 1140 am, I will offer three ways to avoid the obstacles of IoT adoption. 

We invite you to come and see us at Internet of Things World. It is THE place to connect and learn. Don’t miss this event; last year, Internet of Things World boasted over 14,000 pre-registered attendees.

Every vertical is covered. Every technology will be demonstrated. This is where the world gathers to put the Internet of Things into action. This is where Software AG and Cumulocity IoT will help you to experience everything.

See you there.

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