Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) could be your Most Valuable Player!

Businesses are under increasing pressure to take advantage of short-term opportunities and rapidly resolve complications. These demands often fall onto the IT teams to build and deploy solutions in ever-decreasing timeframes.

Often these pressures are greatest when the business needs to transform field service or design new technology to improve resource flexibility and service level improvement.

This is where design thinking comes into play; to define and prioritize your most pressing problems and come up with relevant ideas to solve them – usually through building a rudimentary prototype – or MVP.

Join us at our amazing User Group Conference on June 3-7 in Riga, Latvia where you can have a front row seat to the implementation stage of a design-thinking workshop - focused on improving field service flexibility and cost effectiveness – and learn how to build an MVP in minutes.

Presenters Martin Neuenhahn, Director Cross Product Strategy at Software AG, and I will run a fly-on-the-wall workshop session Wednesday, June 5th:

11:00 – 11:40      Innovation Live: Using Software AG Cloud to Build MVPs in Minutes

This session starts midway through a design thinking workshop, where we will have already identified a need to allow the field service teams to interact with their machines via voice to determine their key metrics, thereby leaving the technicians’ hands free for driving or maintaining the machine.

Using Software AG's cloud products, Cumulocity IoT, integration and API management, we will demonstrate live how an MVP can be created in minutes - and show how our cloud products complement the efficient design thinking approach.

So join us in Riga, Latvia at our upcoming 2019 International User Group Conference – you can register by clicking below.

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