SAG_Twitter_MEME_Join-the-Club_880x440_Apr18The Internet of Things is emitting a siren’s call to entrepreneurs worldwide who want to join the (so far) exclusive IoT club.

The IoT is not just critical to the future of massive industrial or retail organizations; it can also be crucial for start-up companies. Start-ups are increasingly finding new business problems to solve or address where IoT is the answer. They are looking to go to market avoiding delays, even as they develop and test their business case and - more importantly - their software.

But how to get started? The journey from idea to IoT-enabled success can look daunting to a new company. As said, “If IoT is Mount Everest, we're still at base camp when it comes to understanding the full implications of the climb.”

This is where Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT comes in; we can provide you with the opportunity to invest little initially, reducing financial risk. We can encourage and mentor your start-up helping you to find your way and learn how to differentiate your offer.

Cumulocity IoT allows your company to re-brand our platform so that it becomes your own application. And if you need help looking for additional capabilities - such as edge streaming analytics or machine learning - we can help you to differentiate; our very experienced team of industry and platform experts can guide you along the way.

We will ask and answer important questions like: “What are the keys to quick and efficient IoT deployment?” and “How do you find the right ecosystem partners? What selection criteria should you consider?”

We will explain the three essential considerations for effectively deploying IoT: rapid deployment; choosing an open and independent platform that combines IT with OR; and making sure your security is robust, proven and carrier grade.

Cumulocity IoT is a platform that provides an open scalable architecture that allows a business to engage with its target market rapidly. Time to market is critical in an ever increasing competitive market being driven by digital transformation.  Why waste time developing code when you can rapidly create your application for a ready out-of-the-box platform that offers you scale from the get-go?

If you want to learn more, come and listen to our SVP for IoT and Cloud, Bernd Gross, at IoT Tech Expo Global on April 18th and 19th at London Olympia - or at Internet of Things World on May 14-17th in Santa Clara, California.

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