Mobile industry leaders, visionaries and innovators met at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to showcase their major technological breakthroughs and give us an idea of how these technologies will change the world.

Today is the last day of the event, which every year turns the Catalan metropole into the epicenter of the mobile communications revolution. The achievements of this industry are impressive: With over 5 billion subscribers, mobile devices connect more than two-thirds of the world’s population.

Having this amazing physical presence does not only make communication much easier, but is a main driver of globalization and has radically changed the way business is done. But connecting people is not the only mobile industry mission.

In keeping with its motto “Creating a Better Future” in Barcelona, the hot topic was where service providers are heading. The industry faces new challenges and again has to overcome some physical boundaries. A new opportunity lies in connected devices; in other words: The Internet of Things. IoT has come to the fore as an important new market.

According to Huawei, with the arrival of 5G technology telco operators will be making one-fifth of their total revenue from the IoT by 2025. In order to take advantage of this rising opportunity, mobile companies have to act fast and need to develop a whole new set of skills.

With the purchase of Cumulocity last year Software AG acquired the leading independent IoT platform along with the know-how and ability to effortlessly connect and manage almost everything. From its mobile broadband network specialist origins, Cumulocity is well-established at MWC.

Some of the world’s largest telco companies have been using Cumulocity services for years. At MWC, Bernd Gross, CEO and founder of Cumulocity (now Senior Vice President of the Global IoT Business for Software AG), and his team of experts provided insights from real customer cases - such as smart parking, lighting, energy and waste management. They also took the time in personal one-on-one sessions to delve deep into our visitor’s specific IoT cases and gave customized advice.

With Cumulocity IoT we enable all kinds of industries to tap into the IoT market’s potential. So this is my wake-up call to those who are still hesitating: Digital transformation waits for no one! Now is the time to step into the new world of connected things, to shape the future and get the rewards.

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