SAG_Twitter_Integration_Feb17.jpgIntegration is becoming a pervasive problem across businesses, with ad hoc and non-technical developers — as well as traditional integration specialists — getting into the game.

Hybrid cloud/on-premises integration projects, Internet of Things, mobile strategies and third party partnerships all complicate integration programs. That means that integration vendors will need to provide a virtual Swiss Army Knife of tools in order to accommodate multiple user types, including graphical, low code solutions. 

Traditional integration developers will continue to play a key role in an organization’s integration projects, because some of these projects are mission critical and require specialized knowledge and skills that cannot be delegated to non-experts.

However, many companies will seek to use ad hoc developers, who are not integration experts, to focus on non-critical work because true integration experts can be expensive. For example, we have seen an increase in the adoption of cloud-based systems by departmental buyers who are looking for solutions that are quick to adopt and get up and running, but which require some technical help to integrate with other systems. In these cases, many departments are choosing to borrow developer staff from other projects to get the integration task done quickly, rather than seeking help from a centralized IT department.

Just as we see non-IT developers working within departments, we see the increase of business users who are tasked with managing and maintaining their cloud-based applications, including the integration of data with these applications.

These “citizen integrators” are typically not IT or developer staff at all. Instead, they could be business analysts or individuals within a department who are responsible for the implementation of departmental SaaS applications. For these users, the integration tools need to be easy to use, provide a more consumer-friendly interface, and not require understanding of advanced integration architectures and concepts.

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