SAG_Twitter_MEME_Innovation_Tour_Bonn_Sep17.jpgSoftware AG’s 2017 worldwide Innovation Tour made a stop in Bonn, Germany on a bright, sunny day.

More than 500 customers and partners had signed up to learn about our products, the latest developments and trends. Most of them arrived on the evening before the event for a barbecue and to get to know one another. Software AG employees and attendees came together on the terrace at the Kameha Grand Hotel to enjoy the view of the Rhine and chat informally.

The next day promised an interesting program with first-rate presenters, with Carsten Knop, Senior Business Editor at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper acting as moderator for the presentations.

CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich opened the event with a presentation on how businesses can master the challenges of the digital transformation. 


Thanks to real-time analytics, the physical world is linked with the digital world. The key word here is Industry 4.0. Digitalization not only impacts large companies, it is increasingly directed at midsize businesses, he emphasized, pointing to ADAMOS - Software AG’s joint venture with four market leaders in mechanical engineering to establish a vendor-neutral platform focusing specifically on the needs of this industry. 

CTO Dr. Wolfram Jost emphasized that digitalization cannot come from an off-the-shelf solution. He also emphasized the importance of ADAMOS in this context. The partner companies provide the technical expertise and Software AG and its products deliver the technology core of ADAMOS. Together they offer solutions in the App Factory that are tailor-made for mechanical and plant engineering companies.

jost.jpgRepresentatives from Commerzbank, Bosch, Lidl and the German government made it clear to the audience just how successfully our products are already implemented. Their presentations demonstrated how our solutions supported them on their road to digitalization and met with great approval.

The subsequent podium discussions focused on “Germany’s digital future.” Panel participants emphasized in a lively discussion how important it is to take that road to digitalization and addressed the shortage of trained IT professionals.

The day continued with a variety of work sessions. Digitalization was once again in the spotlight—from the customer’s perspective as well as from Software AG colleagues who provided an overdview of where that road is taking us.

Karl-Heinz Streibich, Dr. Wolfram Jost and Bernd Gross, CEO Cumulocity, were also available in the afternoon to talk to analysts and journalists. The approximately 25 participants there started an animated round of questions focusing largely on ADAMOS, with questions about the business model, technology advising, cross-platform usability, governance model for app development, and the importance of edge computing and cloud computing for IoT platforms.

At the end of the event, the participants all came together again to learn about our products and our partners in an interesting exhibit. Then they headed home in the early evening fully satisfied and with plenty of information.

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