Internet of Things needs B2B Standards

B2B standards based on EDI or XML formats run the global economy. The benefits of these standards is primarily interoperability which makes it easier for parties to exchange and interpret data.

The recent unfortunate incident involving Malaysian Airliner crash has exposed the problem with machine and sensor data using proprietary formats. The moment a machine moves out of pre-determined path, other machines do not know what is going on and do not even understand  what object is showing up on radar.

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B2B Key to success for Healthcare ePedigree

Healthcare supply chains are more worried about regulatory compliance, cost management and product security than their industry peers, a recent study shows.

In a survey of 441 healthcare executives commissioned by logistics provider UPS, regulatory compliance topped the list of pain points for healthcare suppliers.

“Sixty percent cite cost management as a top supply chain concern, a higher percentage than their peers around the world,” explains HIT Consultant Fred Pennic. “Regulatory compliance is also a top concern for logistics executives in North America, and is the top barrier to global expansion for North American healthcare executives.”

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B2B Implications of FDA’s New Unique Device Identification (UDI) Database

On September 20th, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published the draft guidance of new Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) which is a major milestone in tracking medical devices and equipment. Medical devices are an important part of healthcare and are used in diagnosis as well as treatment. Some are used in hospitals and some are used in home/work environment and some are even implanted in the body

Now manufacturers will need to provide a unique identifier to FDA for each device that will uniquely identify that equipment.

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3 Differences between the Healthcare Exchanges and B2B Exchanges of late 90s

In US, several types of Healthcare Exchanges (HIX) will be popping up soon, offering customers a wide range of healthcare plans to choose from. Some States will run their own healthcare exchanges and others will opt for a Federally run option.

It seems a lot like late 90s when hundreds of B2B Exchanges were popping up across the globe.

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