SAG_Twitter_MEME_Possibilities-are-Endless_880x440_Aug18"Digital business is generating an inexhaustible demand for faster performance, greater scalability and deeper real-time insight.” 

This is according to analysts at Gartner, but the sentiment is echoed by many of Software AG’s customers and prospects. Additionally, the availability of these capabilities in the form of cloud services is becoming a key for digital transformation.

Luckily for them, Software AG's new 10.3 software release, scheduled for Oct 2018, is the culmination of a year plus of R&D investment in addressing these needs. It delivers improvements in scalability, security, and flexibility in deployment options - on-premises, hybrid, or cloud.  We will be discussing the release in depth in our free, online 2018 virtual conference.

The 10.3 release is a notable milestone for Terracotta In-Memory data platform delivering following key innovations & enhancements:

  • Docker & Kubernetes Support: Terracotta DB is now available for download from Docker store.
  • Cloud certified: Terracotta DB is validated to run on EC2/AWS using Docker and AWS kops
  • SQL-like Access: Terracotta DB introduced SQL-like syntax referred to as Terracotta textual query language for ad-hoc querying using a SQL-like dialect
  • Tuneable CAP trade-off : Improved platform configuration supports tuneable consistency, availability, and partition tolerance (CAP) model
  • Data Visualization: Integration with MashZone NextGen now allows building dashboards and visualizing data in Terracotta DB

Besides the features listed above, the new release introduces improvements in reconnect, SSL support, management & monitoring, ad-hoc query builder in TMC, and wider platform support.  Terracotta BigMemory updates include support for IPv6.

With the growing set of use cases for Universal Messaging, Software AG is making sure its messaging platform is ready to meet a range of needs from hybrid integration to IoT and Big Data ingestion.

The release introduces improvements to Universal Messaging in the areas of scale, usability, and DevOps. 

Some notable features being delivered are:

  • Universal Messaging in integration cloud: New functionality to assist customers migrating their current integration and messaging applications from on-premises to cloud-based on Docker containers & Kubernetes orchestration
  • Better health checking & diagnosis ability: Universal Messaging health checker now includes usability improvements and checks for safety limits, cluster installation, and environment consistency.  Additionally, the new Realm Information Collector tools helps with diagnosis ability of production clusters
  • DevOps enhancements: Universal Messaging supports additional support for command central, auditing improvements, and new diagnosis collector
  • Horizontal scaling: Enhancements to allow a publisher to send to multiple realms and a subscriber to receive messages from multiple realms is now supported in both JMS and native interfaces

In addition to the features listed above, the new release also includes fan-out engine & cluster stability improvements, improved documentation, and launch of a new dedicated community site featuring developer-focused video tutorials and discussion forums.

To learn more, be sure to register for the 2018 virtual conference below.

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