In retail, it is a cardinal sin to have inventory in the store that is not available for sale. If something is sitting in the back room, or piled up in boxes at the depot, it is not available for customers to see or buy.

In other words, if your customer is browsing the shelves and does not see his size jeans in his color he will probably leave the store. The sale is lost; the product remains unseen until someone moves the stock into the store. Going further, the required jeans could be in a warehouse or at another branch and could even have been available that day.

Or, if he orders the jeans online and nothing turns up except a text message saying that, actually, they were out of stock, the customer would be understandably frustrated.

This is why Software AG has partnered with Detego, the market leader in business intelligence for fashion retail, offering the seamless incorporation of Detego's real-time inventory management and analytics into existing system landscapes.

Detego’s solution allows a real-time understanding of inventory data at item level – i.e., it shows where a given item actually is at any moment in time.  In retail, typical inventory accuracy is only about 70%; Detego takes that accuracy to 99%. Software AG’s Digital Business Platform’s integration technology ensures that this information is available where it is needed, offering real-time visibility for ecommerce channels, head office systems/planners and store associates.

This accuracy enables retailers to promise inventory in real time for omni-channel orders - for delivery, to buy online, to pick up in store.  When the customer sees online that an item in their size is available for collection from a given store, s/he can be assured it is correct. 

For a retailer to implement Detego’s solution, the inventory master moves from being its merchandising system (SAP, Oracle, etc.) to being Detego.  The reason for this is that merchandise systems hold inventory at item/location level.

For example, you know that there are six pairs of black jeans size 32-30 in your Broadway Store.  Detego will tell you that, of those pairs, three are on the shelf, one is in the changing room and two are in the store room.  This inventory transparency is criticalfor achieving omni-channel success.

By partnering with Detego, Software AG can offer retailers more rapid client development and robust connectivity to existing systems. The combined solution enables true end-to-end omni-channel capability, making your merchandise visible in real time.

Follow these links for more information on Detego and the Digital Business Platform for Retail.

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