SAG_Twitter_MEME_What_If_Smartly_Apr19Today, few organizations would make the mistake of ignoring change - and very few would make the mistake of ignoring the role of its people in adopting that change.

Too many change projects though are seen as a one-time thing. They are not considered as something the company needs to pursue on a continuous basis - forever.

It is also true that many leadership teams fail to put as much effort into completely rethinking their ways of working, believing that alignment and collaboration will emerge naturally. As a result, their vision is not successfully translated into a workable strategy, and results fall short of the board’s ambitions.

The solution? Align your organization with an adaptive enterprise management system with all the core competencies to transform fully and execute flawlessly. 

With an enterprise management system powered by ARIS, your organization can drive fundamental transformation initiatives and achieve measurable results.  From strategy definition and rethinking ways of working, to supporting execution and monitoring the results - ARIS helps you create a single source of truth to ensure organizational alignment and employee mind-share.

Successful transformation means much more than just “defining” a strategy. The strategy needs to translate into an operating vision defining how you want to run your business - clearly defining roles and responsibilities. Communication and collaboration are key to rallying your organization to the changes and to produce the required outcomes.

There are three steps needed to gain control of your changing organization:

  1. Transform: Turn your strategy into results.

A clear business strategy, an understanding of the organization’s processes and how they run, as well as reliable KPIs for decision-making are needed to secure your transformation initiative from strategy to operations.

An EMS powered by ARIS will in turn take your strategy to execution, reduce transformation failures, help you to rethink your business model and clearly define processes, and align with customer needs.

  1. Optimize: Achieve Operational Excellence.

This can only be achieved continuous improvement leading to operational excellence. And EMS powered by ARIS makes information easy to find and consume for every employee. It supports safe decision-making and helps you to identify issues and changes needed procedures. With ARIS you’ll achieve end-to-end visibility and monitoring. Last but not least it will improve operational efficiency and accountability!

  1. Control: Secure your license to operate.

Make sure that you comply with regulations and that you are in control of your running business. An EMS powered by ARIS enables full risk insights, helps to avoid regulatory fines and to make the right (risk-based) decisions at the right time. At the same time it makes it possible to check process conformance and ensure the workforce uses only approved processes - thus making sure you really comply with regulations.

Put them all together and these steps are part of a well-managed process that allows you to drive change in any size or pace while aligning the whole organization.  Gain control, from strategy to everyone! 


From Strategy to Everyone

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