wm-weds-googleapi-in.jpgThe need for cloud integration continues to grow. That's because the number and variety of cloud-based services is growing exponentially.

And, in addition to SaaS applications such as Salesforce and others, there are many public APIs available that provide services ranging in complexity from bite-sized to enterprise-wide.

For example, Software AG's partner Google offers a wide variety of cloud-based services, from office applications such as calendars, connections and form applications, to pub/sub and BigQuery services for enterprise data warehousing.  And these services are all available as open web-based APIs. You can either incorporate these APIs into your code, or you can look for simpler ways to take advantage of these services.

Be sure to join me in the next webMethods Wednesday session, "Quickly Adopt Google APIs with webMethods Integration Cloud," where Sachin Gadre, VP of webMethods Product Management, and I will walk you through how quick and easy it is to integrate with several Google APIs including Calendar, Contacts, Google Drive, Google BigQuery and Google Pub Sub.

Be sure to attend so you can see how webMethods Integration Cloud takes all the complexity out of adopting Google's APIs, eliminating the need to write any code. Please click here, or the link above for times and registration.

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