SAG_Twitter_Celebrate_Languages_Feb18-1.jpgInternational Mother Language Day was established by UNESCO in 2000 to promote multilingualism – and we are proud to say that Software AG lives by its principles.

 Software AG is a global company with over 4,000 employees and a presence in more than 70 countries. We are driven by innovation – it is part of our DNA. So is our international potpourri of around 73 different languages, making Software AG a multi-cultural and richly interesting place to work.

As we all know, actions always speak louder than words. We wanted to show the world just how multilingual and multicultural we are; so we tracked down 13 of our employees in our Darmstadt, Germany HQ that have different mother tongues. 

In just a few days in this one office, we found colleagues who speak Turkish, Bulgarian, Spanish, Estonian, French, Italian, Korean, Hindi, English, Polish, Russian, Luxembourgish and – of course – German.  In a video (shot on my cellphone), I asked them so say in their own way and in their own languages about their experiences at Software AG - and why you should join our company.

We invite you to watch our video and listen carefully. Close your eyes and guess where our Software AG Faces are originally from. Are you able to hear your own mother tongue? No? Then take the challenge by joining us and help us to expand our potpourri of languages.

Languages are of strategic importance for people and the planet, said UNESCO - we heartily agree. Happy International Mother Language Day! Wherever you are from and whatever language you speak - be yourselves!

Watch our Video Here

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