twitter banner.pngSome things in life just make you happy; like seeing England win at rugby. At Software AG our philosophy is that if you are happy at work, you will be likely be happy with life.

We say this because today is the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness, when recognizing that “progress” is about increasing human happiness and well-being - and not just growing the economy or your business.

At Software AG, we believe happiness goes further than providing a good paycheck and benefits. For us, a strong corporate culture creates a happy environment in which to work.

Witness our office in Spain; Software AG España just received a Top Employer 2018 certification. This is in recognition of best practices in people management as well as its excellence in employee conditions. Software AG España is part of only 94 companies in Spain whose policies and initiatives focus on equality and work-life balance, the promotion of well-being in the workplace, and talent management.

Being happy at work means being an appreciated part of something bigger than yourself. Goretti Olivie Morgado, Regional Marketing Director, based in Spain, said: “The company makes me feel like a valuable piece of the engine and this makes me happy.” GOM.jpg

It means using your skills and enjoying the talents of others. Stefan Sigg, Chief R&D Officer at Software AG, said: “Software AG gives me a working environment with a fantastic team, seeing how we create value using the capabilities of our minds makes me truly happy.”


This year's theme is Share Happiness - focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other. Goretti said that this is an important part of being happy at work: “Like when there is a success and you and your colleagues cannot wait to celebrate.”

Bo Gyldenvang, Vice President, UK & Nordic agreed: “Software AG is a happy, high energy place to work and when we win as a team it amplifies that feeling tremendously.” Bo-Headshot.jpg

Being happy at work means your company recognizes you for who you are: A complex human being with both strengths and weaknesses.Jennifer_Smith.jpg

Jennifer Smith, our Chief Marketing Officer concluded: “Happiness at work is respect, sharing, rewarding, learning, experiencing, supporting each other as we do it all - as a team. As leaders we should understand what makes people in our teams happy and allow them to embrace it.”

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