SAG_Twitter_MEME_Think_Big_Smartly_Apr19Change projects are a huge task; you have a vision and big plans. But how do you get started? The best way is starting with small steps, before you involve more people and let your projects grow.

And, although you might like retro and vintage in your home, no one wants to use complicated, old-fashioned procedures to support change management projects. This is the era of cloud!

So why spend additional effort looking for the right tool and implementation strategy? You have enough to do with the operational stuff and don’t need the extra work. You just need a simple tool that can be extended later, when you need it.

And why wait for investment approval, hardware, software installation, and so on?  Just open your web browser, log in and start. Sounds fantastic? This is ARIS Cloud.

ARIS is a professional business process management and analysis software with more than 25 years of heritage. It has proven to be the perfect tool for supporting change management projects at many companies over the years.

And today with software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the cloud you can literally start immediately. And the big advantage is that you can really grow with ARIS Cloud, it supports all sizes of projects. You can add more users or functionalities, as you need them.

Why does SaaS offer so many benefits? First and foremost, you can focus on your projects instead of managing IT, hardware, software, data security or availability. Also, you have a much more flexibility with regards to scalability of user numbers or sizing than with classic deployments. It’s less complex, using standard functionality, avoiding migration efforts. The cloud always provides the newest version.

The slim ARIS Cloud Advanced edition in the public cloud provides professional features for modeling, e. g. event-driven process chain (EPC) or BMPNTM, sharing and publishing, and reporting and analyzing. When advanced modeling is needed you can add ARIS Architect along with additional features for enterprise architecture and strategy.

Most companies realize that change projects don’t stop at a certain point in time - or when a certain target is reached. They see the benefits of continuous process improvements in increased performance and transfer these projects into their daily operations. They have their whole process landscape in a single source of truth and start building an enterprise management system that involves all employees. At this stage they can use a process portal in their own corporate design, based on an ARIS Cloud Enterprise edition, deployed in a private cloud.

With the new ARIS 10 SR 8 release, the ARIS Cloud Enterprise editions support six different sizes - from S to XXXL. What sounds simple is actually quite meaningful: Small numbers of users can use the enterprise edition with the complete professional capabilities. And very large numbers of users with many operations can rely on ARIS Cloud using the XXXL package.

If you want to try ARIS Cloud, go to and start a 30-day trial for free. Start small, but think big.

ARIS Cloud

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