SAG_Twitter_MEME_Raise_Your_Hand_880x440_Jan19If there is just ONE single thing ARIS is famous for, it's EPC - event-driven process chain. EPC is one of the central modeling notations in ARIS.

It integrates all relevant business perspectives, describes processes in detail on a procedural level and is embedded in the overall ARIS process landscape.

Simple, right? Not really; EPC is a very comprehensive modeling notation and requires an overview to get the most out of it. That's why we created an EPC cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet includes:

- An overview of the EPC core elements. These allow you to model the procedural sequence of functions within the scope of individual business processes based on events, functions and connectors. The business processes are linked within the ARIS hierarchy, thanks to process interfaces.

- Additional, extended EPC elements that are traditionally used to detail the pure process flow by integrating data (such as cluster order KPI’s), risks (including policies and requirements), resources (enterprise architecture-related elements such application systems or IoT objects), and organizational elements (such as organizational units, positions, roles down to persons). The RA(S)CI connections hereby play an important role to describe how organizational elements participate in the business process.

So get your free cheat sheet today! Click the button at the bottom to download your copy of the cheat sheet.

If you think it is useful, please share it with your colleagues! And if you've got any feedback, feel free to share it with us by commenting on this post.



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