SAG_Twitter_MEME_Hiding_in_Plain_Smartly_Feb19Sometimes you think you know about something really, really well, only to find out that it has changed. This could be the case with ARIS Connect; its newer qualities might be hiding in plain sight. So I thought I’d reintroduce you!

ARIS Connect is used to help companies, universities and other organizations to build the solid and sustainable foundation of their digital future. Enterprise Management Systems are built based on ARIS Connect, to move away from error-prone and outdated paper documentations and too many unconnected IT systems in place.

You might know that ARIS Connect empowers anyone, anytime, anywhere to make your business processes the best in the world. You might also know that with ARIS Connect, you can:

  • Follow your peers or your favorite processes to stay up-to-date on the latest discussions and improvements
  • Give people without business process modeling skills the opportunity to contribute their knowledge to process management activities
  • Enable anyone to understand and improve processes without any background in BPM through innovative ways to publish process content
  • Define policies, roles and responsibilities to assure that process improvements meet your standards with built-in governance
  • Scale on demand to reduce TCO
  • Deploy ARIS Cloud in a private cloud—for example, your data center—to combine security with easy scalability.

You know that employees often get confused when they try to find information to get their job done; hence ARIS Connect establishes a single source of truth available for every employee.

You may not know that ARIS Connect is being used across over 1,000 companies - with more than 10,000,000 end-users - and we believe in many more to come. Well-known customers like Philips and Vodafone trust in ARIS Connect and we are very excited about that. (Watch a webinar by Vodafone here.) And I’m sure you did not know you can get ARIS Connect in the cloud and on-premises.

But there is so much more to explore, let’s highlight a few things:

  1. ARIS Connect Designer: Provides a newly redefined user experience (UX) in designing processes, strategies, organizations and much, much more.
  2. ARIS Connect Contribution: Gives you the ability to let literally everyone – really, everyone in the company! – to contribute to the single source of truth in a way that is easy to understand, without the need to understand process modeling in detail (or at all).
  3. ARIS Aware: Offers the amazing possibility to combine worlds - how it is now (with operational KPIs) - and how it is supposed to be (processes, policies, operating procedures).
  4. Self-Service and Expert (XML-based) Configuration: Configuration options include adding your own plug-ins and apps, or doing changes in the configuration via user interface (UI) or XML. You can run configurations from simple to expert.

If you are new to ARIS Connect or don’t see yourself as an expert, here is a short  four-minute video that gives you a better idea of what ARIS Connect can do for you.


ARIS Connect

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