SAG_Twitter_MEME_IoT_See_The_Forest_880x440_PT_Jan18_draft1.jpgThe landscape of Internet of Things software platform vendors is a crowded one, making it hard to find your way through the IoT forest.

As consultants Forrester said in a report, Vendor Landscape: IoT Software Platforms, a platform can simplify the complexity of deploying IoT-enabled assets and processes. But how do you decide among all the platforms on the market?

Forrester advised: “Align your IoT requirements with vendor capabilities to narrow the field.”

Good advice. There are several business models that are supported by IoT platforms; some organizations want to build, deploy and analyze connected products that differentiate their offering and generate new revenues. Others want to streamline operations and supply chains using IoT. Still others want to be able to offer their own customers IoT capabilities.

As Forrester said, there is no single platform that can do it all. We at Software AG have said this before; we believe the solution is a set of best-in-class, well-integrated IoT capabilities around analytics, integration, process modeling and portfolio management. These platform services enable organizations to build their own innovative solutions by leveraging many technologies to speed the process.

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform comes closest to offering the full package. It offers rapid start-up capabilities, a distributed architecture that is easily integrated with other vendor solutions. It is re-brandable, so fits well with organizations that want to offer a white labelled IoT platform to their customers. It offers market-leading technology using current methodology and standards for IoT. The versatility of Cumulocity IOT allows organizations to develop a specific vertical use case (e.g. connected public transport or refrigeration management), or to take on a wider strategy to create a horizontal IOT framework that can manage an end-to-end smart supply chain. The market is split between the horizontal platforms and vertical industry platforms - we can play in both. Plus, Software AG has over 45 years’ experience in customer-centric innovation.

Forrester warns against taking a DIY approach to IoT, as it is complex and could involve being locked into one vendor (with all the costs and restraints involved in that). Plus: “A DIY platform approach can also quickly eat up budgets and lead to delayed product deployments,” said the report.

There is also the fact that the IoT forest is thick with trees (vendors), which can make finding your way frustrating. And it is about to get more confusing. As Bart Schouw, global industry director at Software AG, said in his 2018 predictions for IoT: “A shake-out in the IoT platform community is imminent.” Vendors here today, may not be here tomorrow.

With Software AG, you can see the forest through the trees, safe in the knowledge that we will be here to support you today and in the future.

Read the Forrester report by clicking below. Also, you can see the webinar here

Read the Report Here

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