SAG_Twitter_MEME_HappyInternationalFun_880x440_Jan18.jpgAccording to the Oxford Dictionary, fun stands for “enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure" while work stands for “activity involving mental or physical effort, done in order to achieve a purpose or result.”

The question arises whether fun and work can actually go hand in hand? At Software AG we can proudly state that they can.

Most recently, at this year’s Sales Kick Off in Madrid, around 1000 of our colleagues from around the globe lived up to this.


They worked hard during the day and celebrated their success in the evening - enjoying seeing colleagues from around the world. Everyone left Madrid with a whole set of new knowledge combined with big smiles across their faces.  

Our Chennai R&D office in India doesn’t necessarily need a specified International Fun at Work Day; they have a Fun Club that celebrates fun throughout the year. hrfun2.jpgFun Club organizes events for employees such as the one-of-its-kind potluck lunch which included a variety of fun-filled events after lunch. At the end of the day everyone felt a great sense of satisfaction from sharing with others, which in return recharged their batteries for the busy work schedule that continues to lie ahead.

hrfun3.pngAnniversaries are a good excuse for fun too. For example, staying 30 years in one company (is that actually possible these days?) is something to celebrate. But if you enjoy your work and have fun at the same time it is definitely possible to stay that long. Congratulations to some our Spanish colleagues on their 30 year work anniversary, proving that time does indeed fly fast when you are having fun!

Work hard, play hard is the route to success and that is what we here at Software AG live by.
Have fun at your work today!

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