SAG_Twitter_MEME_Emotional_Mar17_v3.jpgWords cannot express the excitement and passion we feel about the impact and innovation possibilities of Digitalization and the Internet of Things.

And a simple blog post cannot even begin to explore the unbounded possibilities opening up daily in this new digital world.

That is why we are proposing that you meet us and see, hear, feel and touch the new reality that is digitalization so you can unleash your vision without compromise. Whether it is in Hanover in March or April — where you can meet the full Software AG’s team striving to change the world a bit, a byte or a process at a time — or at your office or ours. Together we can take an emotional voyage through the game-changing possibilities of today.

Yes, business could or should be emotional! We spend a great of our adult lives “conducting business” and we should acknowledge that it is indeed an emotional rollercoaster and enjoy the ride. This is not some dry intellectual exercise - even the term business hides what we are really doing, which is creating a future we can be proud of.

Whether it is playing our part in regenerating the Colombian city of Medellin into a United Nations recognized city of innovation, or helping establish a Smart City on South Africa’s Gold Reef, ensuring that citizens have timely access to social services and utilities when they need them; “just business” or “just another day at the office” is not how we feel when we face a fresh new day.

So this is an invitation to meet, explore and experience with Software AG how your digital strategy for an unpredictable future, for the unknown even, can enable you to accelerate competitiveness and growth and improve the lives of your fellow citizens, based on your unique business capabilities and our software expertise.

We will be emotional in Hanover at CeBIT 2017, March 20 – 26 and again at the Hanover Messe 2017 on April 24-28. You are always at home at our Corporate Headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany and you are always welcome to visit us — or we can of course visit you.

This might be just a simple invitation, but it is to a meeting that could have a profound impact on the future of your enterprise or on your government services. A meeting to explore how you can harness digital disruption to drive digital innovation, to explore how we can work together, co-innovating and integrating your industry knowledge and Software AG’s distilled experience of the positive impact digital technology can make to your future success.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together for a better future. After all, this is why I come to work and I am sure it is why you do too. And this is why I get emotional!

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