SAG_Twitter_MEME_TrustHybrid integration platforms are the stallions of B2B integration. As companies build digital ecosystems, B2B integration becomes even more essential. Pure cloud vendors, even the ones who support B2B use cases, provide only rudimentary support for enterprise-grade B2B.

Managed services providers will tell you it takes 60 days. But in the need-it-now digital age, you need to onboard new trading partners in the time it takes to download the latest hit music. Our webMethods B2B integration solutions are made for self-service and facilitate automation of partner onboarding activities by streamlining the business and the technical side.  Business owners can kickoff partner surveys to gather business input that can then be translated into technical requirements to automate profile creation and partner testing. Speed—plus scalability and simplicity you won’t find with other solutions.

Built on the world’s #1 integration platform, our B2B integration solutions remove the high costs, confusion and complexity of managing multiple systems and formats.

You get one gateway for all B2B transactions, from purchase orders to ship notices for payments. You can see what’s going on with every transaction. And, you can quickly integrate any system, whether you need EDI or RosettaNet® to link up retail or high-tech industries or SWIFT® to make electronic payments with banks.

Looking to connect partners in the cloud? We’ve got that covered too. With webMethods B2B Cloud, you can rely on us to set up and maintain your B2B network while you onboard trading partners in minutes. Send any number of documents and grow to connect any number of partners.

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