SAG_Twitter_MEME_Machnation_Cumulocity_IoT_880x440_May18The IoT race to the edge is on and it is clear that those organizations with robust edge analytics capabilities will finish first.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the global edge analytics market could grow from around $2 billion in 2016 to nearly $8 billion by 2021, according to analysts.

Distributed architecture is a specialty of Software AG’s, which is why we were named a leader in edge (out of 16 IoT edge vendors) by MachNation, a pioneer of detailed independent technology assessments.

MachNation’s report, the 2018 IoT Edge Scorecard, said: “Most IoT solutions in verticals such as manufacturing, oil and gas, building automation and logistics will be required to leverage edge computing in order to meet business and operational requirements.”

MachNation, which offers one of the most technically in-depth industry analyst reviews for the IoT, ranked IoT edge vendors according to the following criteria:

Autonomous Operation

Critical industrial operations demand IoT solutions work in an autonomous manner, so local machines can run efficiently and factory floor processes can be fully managed when they are offline or only have intermittent connectivity to the cloud.

Streaming Analytics

Processing of high velocity data streams from industrial machines enables predictive maintenance with considerable improvements in operational efficiency, energy usage and supply chain management.

Operational Efficiency

Minimize solution latency, data traffic and data storage with the increased data volume for high quality analytics models processed close to the source, with only the necessary data transferred to the cloud for enhanced insights.

Simplify Development

Development efforts are eased with a single software architecture that allows the same APIs, data models and analytics models to be used from edge to cloud, enabling centralized IoT solutions to efficiently evolve towards a distributed architecture as business requirements dictate.

MachNation noted that Software AG “has a particularly strong offering in the growing IoT edge ecosystem.”

This was put down to our strengths in advanced analytics capabilities for IoT solutions, support of industrial protocols and a data broker that supports multi-tier IoT architectures.

We are proud to be named a leader in MachNation’s 2018 IoT Edge Scorecard. Cumulocity IoT has wide history and experience in creating smart, collocated edge computing and analytics systems.

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