SAG_Twitter_Organic_MEME_Cloud.jpgJust like you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation when travelling, you don’t want to make the journey into the cloud unprepared. In both instances, you could find yourself in trouble.

The holiday season is upon us and many of you are possibly planning a getaway vacation. Maybe somewhere warm? Somewhere wintry? Something big? Something exotic?

My Christmas getaway was early this year - a week on Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Granted Mallorca isn’t that big or that exotic, but I was glad I spent the flight there consuming the guidebook I’d purchased. It saved a lot of time in planning our excursions and helped us avoid any cultural faux pas or inadvertent crimes.

My favorite page in this particular guidebook is the “By all means don’t…!” page, which tells you what terrible mistakes other tourists have committed and need to be warned against. For this particular region it was everything from illegal parking (with a fine that can easily exceed 100 euros) to wearing a bikini on the bus (punishable with a 50 euro fine since 2014). Luckily it was off-season so parking spaces were abundant and with daily temperatures hovering at 15C degrees the bikini stayed in the suitcase.

Flying back home and reviewing our presentation for the next day’s webinar on cloud planning and management, I found that, as with any trip, a journey to the cloud is best executed with suitable preparation, i.e. research. How else can you be sure you are choosing the right applications for cloud deployment or not exposing your organization to undue risk?

With already complex environments and new applications entering the landscape on a daily basis, enterprises are facing a lot of uncertainty in making the decisions that will allow them to best benefit from cloud technologies. For example, which business capabilities will benefit most from cloud applications or Hybrid Cloud Integration (HCI)? Which applications are the best candidates for cloud deployment?

The benefits of cloud computing are real: lower costs, improved scalability, and reduced complexity. But what about the real challenges around compliance, data dependencies and security? CIOs, IT strategists and enterprise architects need to answer questions such as how palatable is a cloud-sourcing strategy to the business? Does the business agree with the hosting of business-critical applications by third-party service providers?

Even more critical is the topic of data security. The near-, on- or off-shore activities of large companies show that legal requirements and operational practices must be considered when implementing a cloud strategy. Further, how viable is the technological offering and how compatible is it with the current technology strategy of the enterprise?

For instance, in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) situation, can the established application platform be supported in such a cloud deployment or will it require a platform redesign? Will a cloud deployment involve technologies that had been banned in the enterprise for valid reasons? Can the same technology platform be used across a larger number of applications thus creating additional economies of scale?

The right cloud strategy is essential for any business but it does require detailed and critical examination. Watch our webinar “Making smart cloud deployment choices” and check out our white paper “Gauging cloud potential in an enterprise landscape.” They demonstrate a framework for assessing the business and IT environment as part of your cloud initiative. They will help you to ensure that your cloud journey is successful and you don’t accidentally find yourself in a bikini on a bus. 

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