SAG_Twitter_MEME_Well_Whisperers_Aug18Do you have a “well whisperer?” If so, you need to figure out how to clone him or her across your enterprise.

Your well whisperer is that person who listens to and understands intuitively how to achieve operational excellence; for your company this could be well-production goals or process efficiencies. Well whispering involves best-practice operations management and impeccable decision-making skills to achieve profits, efficiencies, and savings.

A well whisperer relies on an accurate, timely, and complete knowledge. And therein lays the issue for many companies. Dependency on batch, historical data and manual processes can be a silent killer to gaining real-time visibility. Take the case of your best people in the field; often your well whisperers work at a single site, quietly performing and achieving big results. Are his or her efforts and strategies always properly documented?

And, what happens to accumulated talent and knowledge when your best whisperers retire? This is not doom and gloom, it is reality; as much as 50 percent of the oil and gas workforce will retire by 2025. Critical operations—employee and environmental safety—can quickly be affected when embedded knowledge necessary to support “the great crew change” disappears.

If you lose important well whisperers, how can you pre-empt knowledge loss when their processes are mainly manual? Equally important, how can you disseminate this valuable expertise on a reliable and consistent basis across the enterprise? If you had 10, 20 or even 100 of these people, you would have insulation against losing one or two of them, plus the shared knowledge would be invaluable. There would still, however, be the issue of manual processes.

What to do? A digital platform is the answer. Today’s digital platform solutions capture tribal knowledge and legacy intellect to leverage it enterprise-wide. With documentation and digitalization of standard and best-practice operating procedures, data can be transferred and applied in industrial IoT adoptions to automatically monitor sensors and collect information that your well whisperers did by feel.

You are able to institutionalize safe and reliable enterprise operations with company-wide education and knowledge sharing. Automation through digitized processes and procedures enables process-driven management and business-process governance. Operations quality improves and you acquire the ability to clone well whisperers into the future.

This is not fantasy; we have real-life customers that have achieved this pinnacle. One of the world’s largest oil and gas companies tackled its safety challenges by simplifying its enterprise management processes (or blank works too) using ARIS, a component of the Software AG Digital Business Platform.

All work at plants and production facilities—spanning 1,400+ workflows and 8,000 activities—is based on processes in ARIS. If disaster ever strikes, the world’s largest offshore operator is prepared. With a single operating model, digital database, and workflow, the company has accelerated change, optimized ways of working, and minimized risk. Around 40,000 employees and contractors benefit from a single point of truth for all processes, procedures, and requirements. And the system scales as needed, supporting 15,000+ requirements.

This is what can be achieved by combining your well whisperers with a digital business platform.


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