SAG_Twitter_MEME_Celebrating_Innovation_880x440_Nov16.pngSoftware AG’s signature UK event, Innovation Day 2016 is where our customers meet and share their personal insights into their digital transformation journeys.

This year, for the second time, we decided to recognize some of the most innovative of our customers for their digital brilliance and their willingness to share.

This celebration of innovation was rewarded with a trophy which we presented at the event. In summary, there are three awards: the Digital Business Award, the Time to Value Award and the Infrastructure Innovation Award.

Nominations for these awards came from our Global Consultancy Services team members, led by Erlend Asker, who are arguably the people who work the closest with our customers. Through their day-to-day relationships with our customers, GCS see who is innovating and how.

The contest this year was fiercely contested; our customers are some of the most innovative organizations in the world. After much deliberation we made the following awards.

  • Digital Business Award – The British Army

In less than 12 months the Army has gone from a traditional siloed operating approach - with highly manual processes using email, spreadsheets, phone calls and multiple databases of information - to a streamlined digital business in two key operating areas, namely Force Generation and Portfolio Decision support. The award recognizes the Army’s incredible crawl, walk and run adoption journey using a strategy-to-execute approach and a “one team” culture with Software AG GCS. This is an unparalleled lighthouse project for the digitalization of the Ministry of Defense. 

  • Time to Value Award – Abcam

For more than 15 years since its founding, Abcam (a Cambridge-based international life science company) had implemented a largely self-built IT infrastructure, which had grown organically to meet its specific business needs. With continued growth in the business, and with a massive business change program imminent, there was the realization that a new start embracing commercial “off the shelf” infrastructure and applications was needed to meet future growth plans.

In little more than 12 months the Abcam team, supported by Software AG GCS, implemented a comprehensive devops-led webMethods integration practice which is facilitating and speeding up the implementation of numerous new enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM & payroll. This has become the critical platform to enable Abcam to realize its ambitious business growth plans and support new business initiatives.

  • Infrastructure Innovation award – FCO Services

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Services is a trusted, global supplier to government.   Operating worldwide, its security-cleared personnel design and deliver secure services in more than 250 embassies, high commissions and other critical government facilities across 160 countries.   It plays a pivotal role in removing unnecessary administrative burdens, enabling FCO employees to focus on frontline diplomacy. 

Core to this service is the provision of support to the Home Office’s UK Visas and Immigration program and the Biometrics System.  The Biometrics System is a critical piece of national infrastructure, processing UK Visa applications from non-European Union nationals.   Since 2005, Software AG’s webMethods Platform has underpinned this program. In April 2016, FCO Services, in collaboration with Software AG GCS, deployed a major technical refresh of the system upgrading three main component parts (the current product suite, a number of bespoke applications and, as a consequence, the hosting platform).

It was a significant project with ministerial visibility and scrutiny and it was a great success. The Biometrics System currently processes in the region of 14,000 visa applications per day during the peak season.  The team achieved the almost impossible through commitment, dedication and professionalism.

We are proud to be partners with The British Army, Abcam and FCO Services in their digital transformation journeys.





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