The Rise of APIs for B2B Integration

APIs are everywhere. Companies are exposing APIs to generate new revenue streams. By exposing applications and data to the outside world via APIs, companies can monetize their existing IT infrastructure. That means they can generate additional revenue without significant investment.

Netflix has over 100,000 DVD titles that it exposes through APIs for integration with over 200 devices, including several type of mobile devices. By delivering data through APIs, Netflix not only created a new revenue stream but also became a leader in this category. Stripe is a new start up which processes payments and exposes its services via an API suite. APIs are at the front, right and center of business model transformations happening today.

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B2B Integration – The 1st Digitization Enabler Remains One of The Most Important

In this digital age, every company wants to become a digital enterprise so that it can connect with customers across different channels and offer them new products. But long before companies were even thinking of connecting with customers digitally, they were connecting with each other digitally.

B2B Integration was the 1st Digitization enabler which brought efficiency to B2B transactions between companies and their partners. Companies discovered the benefits of connecting digitally with suppliers and other partners several decades ago. Just to put things in perspective:

  • The first forms of EDI emerged almost 30 years ago when there were smartphones or for that matter even cellphones.
  • EDI is even a few years older than email (SMTP). The ANSI X12 emerged earlier than SMTP although the newer mechanisms such as AS2 are more recent.
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Why B2B Integration Needs to Be The Foundation For Multi-Tier Supplier Control?

Every company wants to collaborate with suppliers and manage the entire supply process—from procurement through receipt. The benefits of doing this are huge – all the way from reducing costs to avoiding disruptions and even identifying bill of materials changes in real-time to change product requirements before it’s actually ordered.

Today, we will discuss the #1 most important factor that can transform your organization to achieve multi-tier supplier control.

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Managing Volatility and Complexity in Asian B2B Supply Chains

Volatility: That’s the one word that keeps popping up when experts talk about managing supply chains in Asia. Whether it’s natural disasters, accidents, logistics in crossing regional or national borders, experts say you must expect a volatility.

“In Asia-Pacific, there are so many people, so much density of population there is more volatility of things that happen,” Joe Mr. Hinrichs, president of Ford’s Asia and Africa regions, is quoted as saying in a recent Wall Street Journal article. “Every week there is just something that you have to deal with.”

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