SAG_Twitter_MEME_ Digital Innovation_Nov16.jpgWhile the short answer is no, it’s worth considering what you can learn from others who have already found better ways to do business through transforming digitally.  

Attendees of Software AG’s recent Innovation Day event in London were given a unique opportunity to take an inside look at some of the biggest innovators in their respective industries, exploring what they see as innovation and learning how all organizations can achieve it.

Innovation is happening all around us as businesses that we interact with every day, as well as those working away in the background, pursue a digital future. In many ways, however, we are already living in the digital future.

Eric Duffaut, Chief Customer Officer at Software AG, kicked off the event with an insightful look at how digital transformation is allowing companies from all industries to increase customer intimacy, operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

Digitalization, Duffaut explained to attendees, is an incredibly disruptive force that is lowering the barrier to entry, increasing competition and shifting the balance of power towards the consumer.

“Nobody better than you can invent your digital future,” said Duffaut.

A highlight of this year’s Innovation Day was “Modernising the British Army,” a keynote presented by Major General R J Semple CBE, CIO and director of information for the British Army. Digital transformation now plays a role in nearly every aspect of our military, from shaping how our forces are prepared and deployed to improving the management capability needed for effective decision making across the whole organisation.

Semple explained how acquiring real-time knowledge in order to make actionable decision is at the heart of the British Army’s journey into the 21st Century, while sharing a number of key lessons, experiences and advice applicable to any industry.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vital component of digital transformation and a major talking point for innovators across Europe. Giles Nelson, SVP of product strategy and marketing at Software AG, and Dr Christos Emmanouilidis, senior lecturer in IoT and visual analytics at Cranfield University, joined forces to explain how organizations can get the most value from their existing enterprise systems and data working together with the new data streams provided by IoT.

Matt Harris, retail client partner at Cognizant, outlined how retailers can keep the customer at the core of the business amidst the explosion of data currently taking place in the retail sector. His keynote, “Retail and the Internet,” took an in-depth look at the flexibility of the customer journey and how retailers can leverage the power of their data to provide the ideal experience.

Having gained over 20 years of experience in creating and developing successful businesses in Africa and Europe, Pavlo Phitidis, CEO of Aurik Business Accelerator, provided attendees with a wealth of insights into the entrepreneurial side of digitalization. In his keynote, he discussed how helping businesses to digitalize is a full time job. But first they have to figure out what they want to achieve.

“The only reason a business exists is to solve a problem,” said Phitidis.

With such a diverse range of presenters, Innovation Day provided every member of the audience with a wealth of information that will provide some insight and guidance into digitalization and what it means to be truly innovative.

Join us at Innovation Day next year and see how you can learn to innovate in a day.


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