SAG_Twitter_MEME_You've-got_to_Break_free_880x440_May19-1Escape from the high costs of legacy technology while liberating your existing applications for maximum impact.

But how? You have to break free.

Freedom means being able to choose your technology — to integrate and innovate your own way. And what better way to create your digital future than to build on the solid, high-performing legacy applications you already have?

With Adabas & Natural 2050+, Software AG invites you to free your legacy with a range of solutions that deliver faster transformation, risk-free. We provide seamless integration and total mobility, so that your trusted systems become the foundation for digital transformation.

To free your legacy and liberate your existing applications for maximum impact, see how you can gain complete control of your future in five key areas:

  • All the benefits with none of the risk. Your custom applications already deliver value with differentiated business logic tailored to your business — so choose the freedom to transform these existing enterprise applications for even greater benefits in a digital landscape. Connect your systems to share real-time business logic for actionable business intelligence, big data, artificial intelligence and IoT platforms. Expose Natural business logic as APIs and microservices with a push of a button.
  • Save money on the mainframe. Gain the freedom to quickly implement a risk-free solution - with no code changes - that delivers immediate cost savings. Offloading your mainframe workload to IBM’s low-cost specialty engine zIIP with Adabas & Natural for zIIP reduces costs while increasing throughput and cutting mainframe CPU consumption.
  • Break free from high platform costs by seamlessly moving your data and applications to a modern infrastructure. You can save 80% of IT costs by re-hosting mainframe applications and data to Linux. Or, you can support new cloud deployment models with containers such as Docker, Kubernetes or virtualized environments. See the customer re-hosting success stories for yourself. Or, try Adabas & Natural on the Docker cloud container in a free trial to see just how easy it is to modernize your legacy apps.
  • Embrace DevOps for speed and quality. Gain the speed, reliability, and cost advantages of DevOps for your existing business-oriented applications using the Natural language. NaturalONE enables agile development and DevOps strategy to deliver business outcomes faster and with higher quality.
  • Attract new talent to build your future. Gain the freedom to build your future with the best talent the next generation has to offer. New developers want to work on modern digital architecture. Our tools will attract the best and brightest who want to work on business-critical applications and give them state-of-the-art training in modern and Agile development tools.

Our approach to freeing your legacy is designed to give you the flexibility, full autonomy, mobility, and total transparency your business needs with zero constraints — spanning on-premises, cloud to cloud and at the edge so you can outpace the limits of technology, and your competition.

Join us to free your legacy, free your future, and see what Software AG’s Freedom as a Service is all about. 

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