Improve Data Quality & Processes through MDM and Data Integration Wide_CGOne of MDM’s key success factors is selecting the best available MDM implementation and use case, data management style.

At first, “style” might seem a rarified term. But in this case, “style” equates to best practices and is directly tied to how the MDM repository interacts with multiple and oft times, disparate enterprise sourcing systems (those applications/databases that will push data into the MDM hub) and subscribing systems (those applications/databases that will be the recipients and beneficiaries of good and consistent data).

The next webMethods Wednesday presentation, “Improve Data Quality and Processes through MDM and Data Integration” (August 19th, @2:00ETD), demonstrates consolidation-style, the hallmark MDM implementation for managing customer master data.

Software AG solution architect, Harvey Melfi, will demonstrate how webMethods OneData helps organizations determine and propagate an enterprise-wide, single-version-of-truth. The demo will focus on merging, data quality calls, matching, address verification and geocoding - all highlighting how a comprehensive MDM platform provides the necessary integrated governance technologies and implementation styles to ensure the good and consistent data quality necessary for successful customer-360 initiatives, including onboarding.

But centralized MDM will be represented, as well, as Harvey demos how to enrich product data through webMethods OneData comprehensive workflow/approval process.

Please click here, or the link above for times and registration.

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