Not every organization is a digital enterprise, but every organization must become one.

In Jack Welch's words "An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.". Companies who are not able to transform themselves fast enough just become obsolete and fade into oblivion.

Digital Enterprises on the other hand are able to change their business models, innovate and stay relevant to their customers. Take a look at Fortune 100 companies and you will find that several names on the list are very old - some go back 50 years and some even more than 100 years.

These companies have successfully managed to sail even when the waters were turbulent and winds of change were blowing. These organizations have one thing in common and that is their ability to transform with customer demand and keep up with market expectations. Leading organizations not just transform their business models to stay relevant but also to innovate faster than others to create new markets and generate new revenue streams.

So, what do you think of your organization? Do you think you are innovating fast enough? Will you be able to transform fast enough to beat your competition?

These are all valid questions but very few leaders think long term and most of the executives operate in 'reactive' mode. Innovation exists but is either not transformative enough or not fast enough. How do you then speed up your organization's digital transformation?

Learn more about digital transformation at Software AG's 2013 conference Innovation World where executives from some of the top innovating companies will talk about digital transformation and discuss their journey to becoming a truly digital enterprise.


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