SAG_Social_Media_913x560_Digital_Retail_Innovation_Sep15The retail world is undergoing a digital sea change, embracing omni-channel, customer centricity and smart stores in order to re-invent the shopping experience. At Software AG’s Innovation World 2015, retailers can find out how.

We will show how Smart Signage can leverage the Internet of Things to create bespoke context-driven content, based on real-time analysis of multiple video streams and other key inputs. Anonymous audience analytics is used in to provide demographic information about viewers such as their age, gender and mood. This is combined with other real-time data like weather, time of day, internal inventory levels and campaign performance versus goals. Messaging can be highly targeted, which improves offer conversion and increases customer loyalty.

As the world changes and the store becomes more relevant, innovations such as Smart Store Monitoring will become crucial. This will also be exhibited at the event (as it was in London in September). Smart Store Monitoring combines real-time feeds from point of sale, traffic counters, inventory levels and the multitudes of in-store sensors that promise to appear in-store over the next few years. Combining these with predictive models gives the ability to solve problems before they happen, by not only giving actionable insight to store and head-office teams, but also automating actions in response, such as staff re-deployment or offer adjustment.

And, last but certainly not least, recognized retail industry analyst Nikki Baird from RSR Research will lead a session about the future of customer centricity to not just retailers, but to any consumer-focused company.

Getting excited now?

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