It took years for many organizations to realize the business value, identify use cases and implement web technologies to connect their business to customers and employees via digital touchpoints. This business transformation created new revenue streams and helped increase profits but also led to huge investments in building and developing web-based IT architectures.

Today, mobile technology has irreversibly changed how we produce and consume information, how we interact with each other and get work done. Mobility creates new opportunities across industries but as it makes its way deeper into business operations, it pushes developers, enterprise architects and CIOs to quickly adapt existing applications, infrastructure and architecture to the new, mobile usage patterns. On the road to getting there they experience many challenges. Integration of mobile apps with back-end systems still seems to be the major problem for most organizations, followed by concerns about security of data and services.

But what is so special about mobile? Mobile enterprise apps support users to interact with corporate backend systems at anytime and wherever they are. Since those apps are mostly used on the go they have to be designed to enable users to complete tasks in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. Aside from that, every action started in a mobile app must deliver results in nearly real-time. All of this usually results in a large number of transactions and higher data traffic. Network issues such as bad or no connectivity can cause crashes, lost data and frustrated users. To avoid security risks proper authentication and encryption methods are required as well as fine-grained policies on app and device level. These are just few things to consider for mobile enterprise strategy along with lots of other technical and organizational topics.

In order to embrace enterprise mobility, organizations need to look for efficient ways to create, integrate and roll-out mobile applications rapidly and reduce complexity. At the same time enterprise architects need to develop robust and scalable architectures to support new scenarios for mobility.

Those organizations that manage to transform their business and IT architecture to become more mobile-friendly will be better prepared to utilize the advantages of the Internet of Things.

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We created this 5-minute video to show you how you can create a mobile app and easily connect it with backend systems using webMethods Mobile Suite and Integration Server. For more information, please visit our webMethods Mobile Suite website.

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