Companies are increasingly digitizing processes. This requires new systems and in most of the cases increases the workload on existing systems. Fragile point-to-point interfaces start collapsing and undermine the whole digital initiative. Even well thought out integration initiatives perform poorly when the foundation starts cracking. As the digital processes, big data and mobile connections increase the workload on IT systems, it becomes extremely important that your Integration Platform can meet the needs for enterprise workload.

So, what makes a platform scalable and enterprise-grade.

Scale Up & Scale Out - Software AG's webMethods platform scales up or scales out as needed. Powered by Terracotta's BigMemory platform the leading in-memory technology for enterprise Big Data, it speeds up by caching objects in memory, saving the costly DB and Disk I/O. This first in-memory ESB in the world can installed on a single CPU or 100os of CPUs and can keep terabytes of data in memory.

Elastic ESB - webMethods Elastic ESB allows Enterprises to dynamically scale their implementations into the public cloud – when coming from a controlled private cloud environment – or private cloud when coming from an on-premises scenario. This allows customers to better manage peaks loads, without manual intervention or capacity downtime.

Hybrid Integration - Integration applications installed on-premise or cloud requires a platform which can address both these scenarios really well. Majority of integration platforms can only do only one of these really well. webMethods is the first integration platform to support hybrid integration scenarios in a single platform.

Stop sweating over the quality of interfaces and whether they will stand up to the increased load or not. STOP overloading your horse, get an enterprise grade Integration platform.

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