Hybrid IntegrationThe challenge of Integration continues to evolve but it remains a daunting one. Success of any new IT app depends on how successfully it integrates with other applications within the enterprise. Any well developed app which does not integrate well with other application struggles with limited adoption and ultimately ends up becoming a silo.

Cloud applications have gained traction in the recent years and majority of IT managers are actively seeking cloud based apps for their new initiatives. Some are even replacing their existing applications with more agile cloud apps. As the IT evolves, integration needs to evolve as well so that the newer cloud apps and the older on-premise apps can be seamlessly integrated to provide users the experience they have come to expect and for the business to meet its objectives.

That is exactly where Hybrid Integration platforms step in. Hybrid platforms provide capabilities to connect with both on-premise applications and the newer cloud applications. Even more, they also offer multiple deployment models. webMethods Integration platform is the leading Hybrid Integration platform in the market today and you can check the capabilities out of you are attending Innovation World 2014 in New Orleans next month.

We have over a dozen exciting demos planned for Integration platforms but just to give you a sneak peek into the high level categories of demos.

1. On-Premise Integration - Our latest innovations in on-premise integration, including the demo of industry's most powerful elastic ESB capabilities which allow extension of ESB onto Cloud automatically.

2. Cloud Integration- CloudStreams seamlessly connect with all major cloud apps available today. Even more, it connects to all leading social media apps too.

3. B2B and MFT - webMethods has been a leader in B2B integration and we will be showcasing several new features in our Trading Networks and ActiveTransfer products.

4. MDM - OneData and using it with leading ERP and CRM applications both on-premise and in the cloud for master data management.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have several other demos around Mobile Integration and IoT integration planned as well. So, if you have not registered for IW-2014 then its the time to do that. You can find everything about IW-2014 here. Check out the exciting agenda and lineup of keynote speakers and see you at IW.


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