You may have read my earlier post on SOA Governance or API Management? where I wrote about the convergence of the two technologies and the term that Gartner has created for it, “Application Services Governance”. In that post I also questioned whether SOA Governance is really that different from API Management or whether it actually… evolved into API Management.

RevolutionaryAs a follow-up to that post, a white paper has been written entitled “API Management: Revolutionary or Evolutionary?” That paper ties in information from a number of earlier blog posts, including How Are Companies Using APIs? where we take a deeper look at how our customers are implementing API Management projects as well as the technology components that they are using in those initiatives, we look at the monetization aspects in greater detail than my blog post on Making money with APIs, we explain what we see as the two main types of APIs briefly covered in the blog post entitled API Management for Web & Mobile and Open Scenarios and we explain why technology needed to change to support new use cases as a result of changes in business and the disruption of the four forces, etc. Most importantly, we tell you how to get started with API Management initiatives, how to leverage your current SOA Governance components to increase your ROI, and how Software AG’s webMethods technology supports the end-to-end requirements to make your initiative successful. You can get your copy of the white paper here.

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