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Axel Kirstetter
By Axel Kirstetter - January 20, 2014


The PaaS market has been around for some time and 2013 in many ways was its coming of age, with an array of M&A, market entrants, exists, strategic partnerships, market sizes, growth rates, case studies and the like. That means a further segmentation exploring the PaaS diversity is well overdue. The first one of which was recently made available by Gartner via a January 2014 aPaaS MQ.

An aPaaS is defined by Gartner as a PaaS (app middleware + cloud characteristics) designed to enable runtime deployment, management and maintenance of cloud business application services. It supports requirements for business application and application projects and is delivered as-a-service.

Much of the online coverage has been focused on the amount of client’s salesforce, google et. al. have, as opposed to what you usually get with MQs, who the leaders and followers are. This is an indication that by and large this market has a long way to go to maturity.

With that said, Software AG through its AgileApps Live offering, received stellar rating. Let me go through some of the highlights:

- Line of Business developer focus
The MQ recognizes the development work going on in the line of business requires special tools and ways of working. In particular the strong process focus is seen as vital

- Track record
AgileApps Live has many long-standing customer relations, which, combined with the 40+ years of Software AG gives clients standards, quality and trust.

- Established leadership
High productivity & business processes / application integration is Software AG’s legacy. It’s Natural language & ARIS / webMethods brands respectively, all ‘leader of leader’ MQ regulars.

- Hybrid cloud
This is a big validation of Software AG’s cloud approach, with both ground and cloud services out of the box seen as vital to aPaaS adoption.

For those readers that want to know more about AgileApps Live, these pieces 1 & 2 (2 requires reg.) by my colleague Rick McEachern explore strengths, value and features. Go here for an immediate free trial. You can further read through this blog for older pieces on AgileApps Live.

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