Companies need agility to succeed and require IT to deliver the new applications on time. In order to gain agility and deliver new apps on time, sometimes IT introduces fragility where things do not scale well. The recent healthcare exchange fiasco is a good example of IT projects being too fragile at times. Business and IT needs agility but not that fragility.

Lets talk about 4 ways IT can meet the agility needs and reduce fragility.

Complex IT applications require hundreds of services, processes and interfaces to work seamlessly. The platform on which these components are tied together matters as that is the backbone of the entire system. Keep these 4 characteristics in mind when selecting you platform to develop you next critical application.

1. Elasticity - For an application platform to scale horizontally as well as vertically is very important. another key factor is cloud. Our recent Elastic ESB initiative is a wonderful example of how system can scale from on-premise environment over to Cloud seamlessly. During the holiday season, if there is a spike in your eCommerce traffic, your servers can start using Cloud capacity; 10 years ago it would have sounded like science fiction but its a reality today.

2. In-Memory Computing - Memory prices have fallen to a level that processing in-memory is a much better option for achieving performance & scale. webMethods integration platform now incorporates Terracotta's in-memory capabilities so that the transactions be processed in-memory.

3. B2B and API Governance - Functions of IT extend beyond the firewall. IT has to manage the B2B Partners and expose APIs both internally and externally. B2B Integration and API Management represent the traditional and the emerging Partner revenue streams that involve Partners. webMethods Trading Networks along with ActiveTransfer handle the B2B and MFT challenges of file exchange and translation. Centrasite provides a strong platform for managing services and APIs for both internal and external consumers.

4. Data Accuracy - Data accuracy is extremely important and it makes the systems more usable and reduces the errors. No matter whether its financial trades, healthcare records or a simple Purchase Order; data quality and accuracy is very important. webMethods OneData reconciles, cleanses and synchronizes any master data—on customers, products, suppliers, any category.

By considering these 4 factors, you will lay a solid foundation to build your applications and reduce the fragility in you applications.


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