Earlier this week Software AG was ranked as the top leader in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Service Bus. Although Software AG has been rated a leader in all of the past three waves, this the first time that Software AG is #1 with highest scores for current offering (4.89 out of 5), strategy (4.6 out of 5) and market presence (4.78 out of 5).

Which makes you wonder how Forrester came up with a simple Wave graphic summarizing a very sophisticated technology space? Trust me, there's quite a detailed criteria, 109 questions to be exact. Forrester also required detailed briefings, demos and reference calls with customers who are using the rated products in productions.

Ranked #1 in Forrester ESB Wave Report How is it, that a product conceived 14 years ago, before the ESB category even existed, becomes the number 1 leader in the ESB category today? If you are an enterprise that uses webMethods products, you are very familiar with the corner stones of our ESB platforms – webMethods Integration Server and webMethods Broker. webMethods Integration Server was developed more than a decade ago but it’s original vision and architecture have proven to be amazingly durable. Since its inception in 1997, long before SOA became a common approach, webMethods Integration Server has been service oriented. A service is the basic building block. This simple yet flexible approach combined with powerful connectivity with existing applications and external partners allowed customers to use it as a single platform for Application Integration and B2B Integration. As integration approaches grew more business-focused, SOA and BPMS became popular. It was natural for us to extend webMethods Integration Server with webMethods Mediator and add CentraSite to round out capabilities needed for SOA and BPMS. In the last release, we continued to expand webMethods Integration Server into new software architectures with native support for RESTful services, Events and Complex Events Processing.

It feels great to be in a position where we can give customers the choice of where they start and how they build their middleware infrastructure without forcing them to choose among several incompatible products. One key reason we are in that position is because of our customers and users who are among the most talented and vocal IT professionals out there. We listen to them carefully. Without their feedback – positive and negative – it is unlikely our products would be where they are today.

Now, as we turn our attention towards helping customers connect with and use Cloud applications, we are confident our ESB platform will continue to be a great investment for our customers. We once again find that webMethods Integration Server’s service-oriented foundation is a great fit for cloud computing. We have internally adopted agile approaches to building products which allows us to react to customer needs faster. We have some terrific ideas in the pipeline. And we have customers who will push us even further.

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