Seeing Software AG ranked as the #1 leader in Gartner’s recently released On-premises Application Integration Suites MQ is probably my proudest moment working for Software AG and webMethods. To quote our CTO Wolfram Jost we are the “leader of leaders” in a market that includes 800 lb gorillas like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP. It gives me goose bumps seeing Software AG ranked higher than these vendors given that they are much bigger than us. This result is a great testimony to the webMethods technology, the vision of Software AG and the success our customers have achieved. Getting to this position was a long journey and having been at webMethods since the early days its interesting to look back on what it took to get here.

Founded in 1996, webMethods started as a B2B integration company that pioneered the use of XML and web services. The webMethods platform was services based from the beginning (everything is a service with the logic neatly abstracted from the invocation), well before SOA became an architectural principle. The silos created by traditional ERP led to the creation of the Integration market but the irony was that back then integration was itself siloed with different vendors having different solutions for A2A and B2B integration. Most of the vendors we competed with in the early 2000s have since been sent to the enterprise software graveyard and is a good reminder about the nature of the business we are in. The webMethods vision was to provide an integration continuum that allowed end to end processing of business transactions all the way from partners to back-end applications. This vision led to the creation of the webMethods Integration Platform which not only solved the integration problem but also became the foundation of the webMethods product suite. Integration became not only a market for us to serve but also an enduring principle in the way we develop software and this is reflected in the webMethods suite with its unified and consistent user experience. This core competency has allowed us to grow the product portfolio organically and via acquisitions and our integrated suite has helped differentiate us from the competition.

Software AG was the best thing that happened to webMethods and was the renaissance that the technology needed to break thru to the next level. Software AG via a combination of corporate and product strategy set the vision for webMethods that was comprehensive and competitive. Integration has greatly evolved with Gartner's four forces (Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data) bringing new requirements and is even more relevant today than ever – infact, we are seeing the golden age of integration. It is no accident that Software AG is #1 in this Gartner MQ since we have been preparing to handle these requirements for the last couple of years via organic development of new products with webMethods 9.0 and strategic acquisitions that have brought us In-Memory, Universal Messaging, MDM, CEP and Mobile capabilities.

I want to thank all our customers who have helped take us to the top, specially the 40+ references that agreed to talk to Gartner. This MQ is a true reflection of technological superiority and customer success and Software AG is proud of its results.

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