Companies are adopting cloud solutions at a faster pace. Some of these cloud solutions run in private clouds, some in public clouds and some in fake clouds. In the end, majority is ending up with a Hybrid Cloud strategy with parts of the solution dispersed amongst different clouds or between clouds & on-premise applications.

At first the adoption of a cloud solution seems like a big win itself but the reality slowly sinks in. Cloud solutions are easy to adopt and maintain but they need to be integrated with other on-premise applications and other cloud applications. There are huge benefits of integrating cloud based solutions:

1. Users get a seamless experience when using a cloud based solution in conjunction with on-premise applications. Data from cloud based solutions is integrated into on-premise applications and there is no degradation of user experience or impact to business performance.

2. Integrated systems improve customer experience. Integrating cloud based CRM to on-premise Order Management ensures that the call center rep has up to date Order information and up do date shipment status when the customer calls.

3. Operational visibility disappears when IT silos pop up. Integrating data across cloud and on-premise solutions provides valuable operations intelligence and visibility which is important for monitoring KPIs and ultimately improving business performance.

To integrate the Hybrid Cloud and the legacy applications, its important to consider both API based integration and file based integration. Software AG's CloudStreams offers API based integration and ActiveTransfer offer state of the art file transfer management. These two solutions collectively provide everything you will need to integrate cloud applications with your on-premise systems.


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