A team from Pervasive Computing Systems at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany has won the first prize in the white paper category at the recently held Urban IoT conference in Rome. Their paper uses spatio-temporal clustering techniques for removing duplicate data from citizen reports related to urban infrastructure monitoring issues like an open pothole, garbage on the street, etc. These duplicates are known to be a big processing challenge for municipal authorities.

They used BigMemory as part of their setup for improving the performance of their algorithm to identify duplicate reports. BigMemory was used to hold data from different neighborhoods in Chicago that had been partitioned into several equal sized time buckets. This helped optimize the framework to scale to large datasets. For a copy of the winning white paper, please click here.

BigMemory has been generating a lot of interest in several other use cases in the IoT world with its ability to hold high-velocity data that can grow to hundreds of terabytes in a short period of time. BigMemory is a key part of Software AG’s Streaming Analytics platform that was recently rated as the best streaming analytics offering in the market by Forrester. Some of these use cases are in the predictive maintenance space, location analytics, customer experience management, etc. If you would like to learn how BigMemory can be used in your environment, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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