Every company strives for operational excellence for obvious reasons but very few realize that the secret ingredient is operational visibility. Why? The answer is pretty simple, you simply cannot improve what you cannot measure.

Operational Visibility gives you a measure of where you are today. That measure is important for several reasons, gives you a baseline to improve upon and also to compare your operations against peers. Real-time intelligence takes visibility to the next level and gives companies insight into what's actually happening across their systems.

Software AG's new IBO platform is geared for organizations to achieve operational excellence and our latest acquisition of JackBe provides a strong real-time intelligence capabilities to our Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) platform. By integrating information from different sources and providing real-time dashboards to managers it simple helps them make better decisions. Better decisions lead to better operations and ultimately achieving operational excellence.

Operational excellence is not a destination but a journey and the goals may be different every year. JackBe's Presto is a powerful visualization tool that can combine data from various sources to generate real-time mashups. As your goals change, you can easily change the dashboards and start gaining operational visibility into new metrics. Presto is a welcome addition to the IBO family and brings the much needed real-time intelligence and visualization features to the platform.




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