Recently concluded Innovation World - 2014 in New Orleans highlighted Software AG's innovation in several areas. Several new products and offerings were announced at the conference. At the event, CTO of Software AG, Dr. Wolfram Jost announced the availability of webMethods 9.7. This release is a major milestone for several reasons.

  • webMethods Integration Cloud - This is the latest iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) offering which allows citizen developers to integrate easily with mainstream cloud apps. Built from ground up, this is an easy to use product which requires no programming. It comes with an easy interface for mapping, transformation and enrichment of data. Check out the webMethods Cloud.
  • API Portal - Latest offering which adds a brand new API Portal to the webMethods suite. Companies are exposing APIs for several reasons - opening new revenue channels, enabling mobile use, real-time B2B transactions. This exciting new product complements Centrasite's SOA Governance capabilities and makes webMethods the only complete API platform in the market. In addition to managing services' lifecycle they can now be exposed, tested, monitored for external usage.
  • Business Console - webMethods BPMS gets a new and exciting business console which improves collaboration and provides a social context to task execution. Adding interactive social media streams and ability to create, manage and assign ad-hoc tasks in a collaborative manner takes process management to next level.
  • Closed Loop Analytics - This exciting new feature combines the analytic insights into process actions. Analytics by itself is of little value unless the insights are put to use. This features allows analytic insights to be converted into meaningful tasks closing the loop between intelligence and action.
  • Extreme BPMS scale - webMethods is the most scalable suite in the market as it uses Terracotta BigMemory to process data in-memory reducing the processing time. BPMS takes performance to the next level with Universal Messaging drop -in and hi performance task searches. This makes complex task executions faster and gives a significant performance boost to BPMS.

Additionally there are enhancements in several other areas of the suite including B2B, MFT and MDM areas. If you are interested in learning more about the release I highly encourage that you check this webinar out.

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